Packing & Cleaning Solutions

Fully Automated Stacking & Packing Bag Machine

Fully Automated Stacking & Packing Bag Machine

  • It can be used for Stacking and packing small, medium and large flat and pita bread.

Stacking device consisting of:

  • Upper and lower compression conveyor to press out the air from the product.
  • Conveyor with guiding made by driven side belts to bring the stacked products to the centreline.
  • Pre-fabricated plastic bags to be closed by the use of clips (plastic clip with two wires inside).
Trolley & Trays Washing Machine

Trolley & Trays Washing Machine

  • Quick and efficient decarburization Integral removal of waste embedded in Trolleys and trays
  • High washing pressure
  • Touch screen control console
  • Made In stainless steel 304.
  • Reduces water consumption.
  • Rinse Consumption: 3.32 liters per 10-second cycle.
  • Temperature when being used varies between 45 ̊C – 85 ̊C.